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Some of the characteristics of the Turkish Van cats are very energetic and lively.

  • They are very intelligent and can pick up instructions and understand us fast
  • The breed is very strong-willed
  • They love playing with water especially running water
  • They love a game of fetch the ball and can be very good and persistent in inviting you to play with them
  • They are very animate and love carrying stuffs around the house to their favourite places
  • They love following their owners everywhere and be involved in everything their owners do
  • You will frequent find them lying around just nearby you
  • The breed requires adequate space as they are energetic and love running, jumping and are always at play
  • A Turkish Van can frequently be found at high places in your home i.e. on top of cupboards, airconds. They are able jump very high up due to their body anatomy structure and being muscular
  • They typically remain active even through later in age

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