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The Turkish Van breed are a slow growing breed. Some lines among the breed have slower growth than other lines. Typically they grow until the age of 3-5 years old. You will find your Turk become more beautiful and fuller in profile as time passes by. At their prime matured age and physique they frequently grow a thicker ruff of fur around their neck regions. Their fur is a one-layer fur that appears to flick off water easily, also without an undercoat, and thus dries off easily.

The Turkish Van have three kinds of eye color generally. They can have either amber eyes, blue eyes or odd-eyes (one eye blue and the other amber). Their coat color is restricted to the head marking and covers the tail. Often some spots of color can be found on their body restrictively.

They are easily trained to play small tricks or games as they are very intelligent. The breed are also very adorable n sweet, they are always eager to please their chosen owner. Though, you will find them to be quite strong willed and stubborn to a fault as well  especially when they have fixed their mind on something 😉

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