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Available Kittens / Cats šŸ˜

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One of our cat out of a litter of 5 kittens is still lookingĀ for hisĀ forever home. He is our early 2019 kittens born on 24th Feb 2019. If you are interested we are just a click away: on the send more query buttons at the bottom either via Whatsapp, email or calling us.

Below are some of the more current pictures of the Turkish Van cat. He is a real swimming cat as the nickname of a Turkish Van is said to be.


We neuter / spay all our kittens, fully vaccinate and de-worm them before they are re-homed. We ensure only healthy kittens reach your homedĀ ā£ļø Our purchase terms also includes a warranty of up to one year for any terminal illness. Generally the breed are very healthy and robust.


Mother of Available Litter

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Jessie Oakley, mother of our current available litter, is our Europe import female breeding Queen. While she was still in junior age she had won best in show as well as best in category on two separate events in the FIFe International Cat Show. She has also gained Champion CH title under the CFA International Shows. And is currently running for Grand Champion points. However, due to her recent pregnancy her show progress is delayed abit.

Below are some of her sweet pictures






Father Current Litter

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Idefiks, our handsome and big Europe import stud is the father of our current litter. Dont let his serious face fool you. He is a very affectionate boy. He is also very friendly though quite macho turkish van who loves attention and even allows strangers to pick him up and give him some strokes. If you will, he will chat with you non stop and tell you all his stories. He loves the cuddles you give him when you pick him up and will never turn you down on it.

Below are some of his pictures

Idefiksā€™s younger picture

Idefiks playing with our guest

Idefiks says hello



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Some of the characteristics of the Turkish Van cats are very energetic and lively.

  • They are very intelligent and can pick up instructions and understand us fast
  • The breed is very strong-willed
  • They love playing with water especially running water
  • They love a game of fetch the ball and can be very good and persistent in inviting you to play with them
  • They are very animate and love carrying stuffs around the house to their favourite places
  • They love following their owners everywhere and be involved in everything their owners do
  • You will frequent find them lying around just nearby you
  • The breed requires adequate space as they are energetic and love running, jumping and are always at play
  • A Turkish Van can frequently be found at high places in your home i.e. on top of cupboards, airconds. They are able jump very high up due to their body anatomy structure and being muscular
  • They typically remain active even through later in age


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The Turkish Van breed are a slow growing breed. Some lines among the breed have slower growth than other lines. Typically they grow until the age of 3-5 years old. You will find your Turk become more beautiful and fuller in profile as time passes by. At their prime matured age and physique they frequently grow a thicker ruff of fur around their neck regions. Their fur is a one-layer fur that appears to flick off water easily, also without an undercoat, and thus dries off easily.

The Turkish Van have three kinds of eye color generally. They can have either amber eyes, blue eyes or odd-eyes (one eye blue and the other amber). Their coat color is restricted to the head marking and covers the tail. Often some spots of color can be found on their body restrictively.

They are easily trained to play small tricks or games as they are very intelligent. The breed are also very adorable n sweet, they are always eager to please their chosen owner. Though, you will find them to be quite strong willed and stubborn to a fault as well Ā especially when they have fixed their mind on something šŸ˜‰


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Our third 2019 Litter

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Available for booking –

Looking for a new homes is one more cat from this current litter of 5 kittens (a cream & white with blue eyes).

Our third litter in 2019. Below are the pictures of our litter of five kittens in year 2019. They are of ages 2 month plus now.

Mother & Father: Queen Jessie Oakley (Europe imported) and Stud Idefiks (also Europe imported). Litter C (5): Cyrus, Castor, Cheeko, Circie & Ceaser.

Cyrus will be living with us as a pet. Castor & Cheeko are in Sarawak. Circie is in London, England as a breeding cat. Ceaser is still awaiting and waiting for booking.







Our second litter 2018

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Below are the pictures of our second litter of Turkish Van kittens and more informations on them:

Mother & Father: Queen Candy (Europe imported) & Stud Deniz Aslan (Europe imported). Litter B (2): Blackberry & Baklavas. Names are of ā€œsweet delicaciesā€ matching the motherā€™s name Candy.

Blackberry is currently in Europe with her forever owner who is also a Breeder. She is there as their future breeding Queen. While Baklavas her younger brother has beenĀ rehomed with the family of theĀ President of the TICA Club Malaysia.Ā  Below are some of the pictures of sweet Blackberry at her home in Europe, and of Baklavas in Malaysia.